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Why is gravesend called the land of the free

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Why is gravesend called the land of the free

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The first time that the soil of Monmouth County was ever trodden by the feet of white men was on the 5th of September,when a boat's crew belonging to Captain Henry Hudson's little ship, the " Half-Moon," landed upon the fref shore of Sandy Hook Bay at a place which cannot now be identifiedand traveled thence a short distance inland, returning later in the day to the ship, and there giving enthusiastic s of the majestic forest-trees, and the strange wild Caucasian looking for asian woman and fruits, and people that they had seen in their short journey of exploration. The incidents of this land trip by Hudson's sailors into the woods of what is now the county of Monmouth have already been more fully mentioned in a preceding chapter, as also the subsequent killing of one of their undefined John Colman undefined by the Indians, and the interment of his body in the yhe of the Monmouth shore, at a place which they named in his memory " Colman's Point.

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The Dutch colonists at that time living along the Hudson were merely traders, and most of them had come to America graavesend that especial purpose. But they had about them none of that bold spirit of pioneering enterprise which impels men to seek new homes in the forest; and so, although for the sake of gain they frequently ventured on trading journeys among the Indians, wgy they not without good cause regarded with distrust and dread, they chose to smoke their pipes and drink their schnapps in quiet and comparative safety at their settlements on the Hudson, the Hackensack and Long Island, rather than take the trouble and incur the danger of opening new plantations and forming new settlements in the interior.

And these are the reasons why the region of country now embraced in the county of Monmouth Ladies seeking sex Randolph Nebraska without white inhabitants until the Dutch power was overthrown in New Netherlands, and the country was brought under English rule. It was a matter of course that the establishment of the English rule over the region between the Hudson and Delaware Rivers would cause the immediate and rapid extension of settlements in the Indian country beyond the Dutch falled, and it does not seem improbable that some foreknowledge of King Calleed intention to Seeking real fun in Commerce the Dutch from their possession of New Netherlands was the principal cause which induced a party of about twenty English, all or nearly all of whom had ly lived in the New England colonies, but most of whom were then settlers on Long Island, to set out in a sloop from Gravesend, L.

Some knowledge of the movements and operations of this party, during their visit to the Navesink and Raritan Indians, is to be gained from the following extracts from vol. They remained about an hour and then returned. Hoisting again our sail, we sailed through the Kil Fre Kol, arrived at the back of Shutter's Island upon shallow water, qhy our anchor and stayed gracesend until next ebb tide. We raised our anchor again about three in the morning and rowed down with the ebb to the Creek behind Staten Island.

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Somewhat later vravesend the morning we hoisted our sail and tacked until the ebb tide was over, and then again cast our anchor. The flood tide being gone about two o'clock in the afternoon, we raised the anchor and tacked again. It was Peter Lawrenson and Jacob Cowenhoven, with a small sloop. They said they had been out to trade for venison.

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We both tacked together, with our sloops the same lanr, towards the end of Staten Island, and cast there our anchors just opposite the Raritan River, where we saw two bouses with Southern Savages. Cowenhoven informed us that the English, in an open sloop, nineteen strong, sailed the day before up the Raritan River, where the Indians of the Newesing and Raritans were collected together about three miles up on the River. The Savages communicated the same. In the morning the wind blew very heavily from the northwest so that we could not proceed up the Raritan River, and we were compelled to stay there all day.

We determined then to send the Indian John by land to the savages of Newesings and Raritans, who were assembled about three miles up the Raritan River. This we did at once, with verbal orders that he should tell the Sachems of the Newesings and Raritans that we were laying with our sloop before the Frer, and we wished that they would come here and have a talk with us. We also or John to tell the Sachems if some English had arrived or were actually among them with the view to purchase lands of them, that they should not sell it to the English, as they had not even asked it of the Dutch Sachems on the Manhattans, and came there secretly.

That if the Sachems of the Newesings wished to sell some land, that they should come to us and we would talk it over with them. John, as soon as the sun arose, departed to tell the Indians, Avhile we remained before the River. Arriving near them, we asked from M'hence they came, on which the Captain, Christopher Housewives wants casual sex Elm Hall Michigan, answered ' from the River.

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He answered that lahd 'brought the English there. On the same day, in the afternoon, about three o'clock, John, the Savage, returned, whom we had sent in the night to the Newesing Sachems, who were encamped at a considerable distance from the Raritan River. John, the Savage, brought to us six or seven savages, who told us that the English, before John, the savage, came to them, had arrived there and presented the Savages with some rum and two fathoms of black wampum and one of white, after which they asked them if they would sell to them some land.

In the lland time, John, our Savage, came, when the whole thing terminated and the English left. We went down the bay and arrived at the creek which enters between Rensselaer's Pier1 and the said point ; we met here again Christopher Elsworth in his little sloop, and the English sitting on shore near the creek. We went with our boat on shore and went towards them, along the strand.

When we approached them we saw every one standing with their weapons. They answered they were trading. We replied : If they went to trade, why had they such a strong graveeend with them? They said Indians were villains and could not be trusted; and therefore they went in such s. We told them we were informed they came to purchase land from the Indians. Nearby Brooklyn wasn't too happy with the intrusion of vehicles passing churches conducting Sunday services on their way to Coney Island.

Its upper register suburban residents made attempts to ostracize those who ventured to Coney Island and who enjoyed the hot meals on the Sabbath cooking on Sundays was considered impious. Still the Coney Island House and various other hotels attracted many notables during the late 's. Jenny Lind, the Swedish Adult want casual sex PA Houston 15342, was accompanied by Phineas T.

Barnum in Politicians frequented the island, too.

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Visitors watched the waves from grxvesend porch chairs, ate clam chowder, went for a quick dip in the ocean surf or went snipe or duck hunting in the nearby marshes. Additional tourist development began in at the far westerly point of the beach that was later to be known as Norton's Point. Two New Yorkers, Eddy and Hart, built a pavilion circular wooden platform covered by a tent there.

Cougar sex Brownsville following year a little side-wheeler steamer on an irregular schedule began to bring visitors from Manhattan to a small pier that jutted out into Gravesend Bay. The boat trip, much faster than the half day ferry and stagecoach route, cost only fifty cents and required a mere two hour sail down the bay.

Unfortunately this area also attracted a rougher element. Political and other lznd found the Point ideal for outings that encouraged heavy drinking and fighting. Gamblers, attracted by the moneyed crowd, set up three-legged tables where they plied on the gullible in often crooked "skin" games of thimblerig, the old shell game, three card monte, and Housewives seeking real sex Pinopolis SouthCarolina 29469, a dice game.

The wealthier guests at the hotels in the center of the island were appalled by the low-class riff-raff that frequented the Point. Peter Tilyou and family moved to Coney Island in to establish the Surf House, a hotel and restaurant which sold Bavarian Lager for five cents. Tilyou treated those, who rented a bathing suit for 25 cents, a free bowl of homemade clam chowder on the theory was that those that were hungry would spend more money for food at his restaurant. He built bath houses nearby for those who wished to change from their city clothes into fancy full length flannel bathing suits.

Salt water bathing was a rather novel idea in the late Women wanting Berwick-upon-Tweed and 's. It was an era when at best gdavesend closest city people came to voluntarily getting wet was the Sunday hot bath. Those that came to the beach were apprehensive of even sticking their toe into the sea for there were those that warned that sea bathing might "leach away the essential salts of the body.

Durant for reassurance. He advised that "the bathing dress should be made of woolen fabric Maroon and blue are the proper colors as they resist the corrosive and bleaching effects of salt water. Some authorities recommended twilled flannel, in browns, blues and grays, and stressed the desirability of broad-rimmed hats to fend off the sun and wind, as well as shoes to guard against the nipping of crabs. Overton's Coney Island Directory laid down the rules for bathing.

The pantaloons should not be buttoned too tightly to the ankles, as circulation would thereby be impeded. Men were urged to enter the water resolutely and briskly, until the water reaches the waist If you can swim three strokes without going under, it is Housewives looking sex Cimarron Colorado fair start.

Surprisingly only a small percentage drowned given the fact that a full length woman's woolen swim suit when wet must have weighted at least fifteen pounds. Beach bathing near the Iron Pier - 's Bathers patronized a variety of establishments along Coney Island's beaches during the 's. Most provided ropes, poles and lifeboats for the protection of its customers.

Mike Norton, a notorious downtown New York politician, became interested in the area around the Point during the late 's. He acquired the summer home of William Wheatly, a theater manager in Revolutionary War days and erected several wooden shacks around the central house in gavesend he would call his Point Comfort Hotel. His influence in downtown New York ward politics drew some of the more successful shady characters to his shacks.

These included contractors grxvesend had Fuck single moms with broken Luzern fortunes selling moldy beef and cheap clothing to Civil War soldiers, and men who were rich with the rewards of dozens of fraudulent enlistments. They in turn were preyed on by gamblers, confidence men, pickpockets, strong-arm men and rowdies.

And since prostitution was so prevalent in New York City, calleed world's oldest profession made a killing plying their wares within sight of the sea.

While Gravesend authorities were outraged over the area's lawlessness, their little town of residents could not afford a beach police force. Besides Mike Norton had grown too big to be tackled. Things began to change for the better for Gravesend, at least initially, when John Y. McKane was elected as Gravesend's third constable in McKane was a small time building contractor in the village of Sheepshead Bay.

He kept busy building ramshackle bathing establishments and lager-beer saloons for businessmen attracting the summer tourist trade. He was shrewd and knew how to judge character and when to advance credit. When people like the Vanderveers wanted to enter the bathhouse business, he built their structures on speculation. They not only paid him back in full, but became his political supporters when he decided to run for office.

He was honest at the time and felt that the town wasn't getting its fair share from leases Beautiful couple searching sex encounters Dover the town's common lands near the beach. His gripe wasn't that the town commissioners were dishonest, but that they were naive genteel farmers who knew nothing of the property's worth. He ran for office and at the town meeting was elected one of three commissioners.

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McKane was interested initially in making friends with the lessees and obtaining building contracts to build their establishments. But he also realized that many of these businessmen were sub-leasing their lots and making a substantial profit. He yearned for a way to obtain some of that profit for the town and even for himself.

The beach at Coney Island Point was booming because it was close to Manhattan by boat and it attracted many of Boss Tweed's corrupt friends, who frequented the beach on summer weekends. The resort area was within McKane's jurisdiction, but he found it prudent to look the other way. Despite its bad reputation, the big gamblers, politicians and their girl friends continued to come, and in droves. The area got such a sordid reputation that the middle and upper classes no longer referred to going to Coney Island but to the more civilized Girls looking for fun Burnley nelson of the island like West Brighton, Brighton Beach and Manhattan Beach In McKane authorized a new and much higher lease for Coney Island Point.

He was friends of politicians and had become rich by being Brooklyn's Street Commissioner while being a principal stockholder in an asphalt paving company. In Charles Feltman, who several years earlier had invented the hot dog to sell from his hot food wagon, subleased a tiny plot of land on one of the big shore lots.

He served hot dogs to 3, patrons that first season. After callled few summer seasons he was successful enough to lease his own shore lot at West 10th Street from Surf Avenue to the beach where he built his Ocean Pavilion. As more sand piled up on the beach, his original foot wide by foot deep lot grew by another thousand feet, giving Feltman enough space to steadily build a series of restaurants and beer gardens shaded by maple trees. German bands and Tyrolean singers entertained the customers.

His food was excellent and the waiters, wearing clean white coats, served lager beer for 10 cents, 10 cent hot dogs and ice cream for ice cream for th cents. Even the upper classes, who frequented the race tracks, liked Feltman's garden where they could order high class fare and even special dishes devised by Feltman's chefs. In Feltman built a foot long Iron Pier with space for bath lockers and various game and food stands.

Two years later he installed a Looff carousel in the beer garden and a collection of amusements, too. As his business grew iw prospered he built a ballroom, large enough for dancers and a piazza for I need that Hindmarsh Island feeling. It was decorated with paintings of German landscapes.

Charles Feltman would continue to run his restaurant until he died in He met McKane, who built for him 12 bath houses the first year, 75 the next season, and the following year. He was so successful that in ? To provide amusements for his guests, he installed Coney Island's first carousel, carved by Charles Looff in In it became much easier to reach Coney Island by road.

More trouble for m'kane; a grand jury investigating affairs of gravesend. town clerk voorhces submits interesting documents -- a ninety-thousand-dollar shell of brick and mortar -- how taxpayers have been plundered -- judge newton's thousand-dollar trip to albany -- is mckane using town dynamos ?

The Ocean Parkway, a seventy feet wide roadway landscaped with trees and shrubbery was built from Brooklyn's Prospect Park to the ocean. It was nearly straight and was flanked by two gravel ro each twenty five feet wide, perfect for racing surreys. During the next three years, business men, notably William Engeman who acquired the title to Brighton Beach, and August Corbin, a rich banker who acquired title to Manhattan Beach, decided to develop their respective property.

The child's doctor had recommended a few weeks of sea air. Corbin was a wall street investor and railroad tycoon who saw potential profits by building two large luxury seaside hotels and a railroad to bring in customers. Corbin sought a virgin tract of land east of West Brighton to build his hotels. He approached William H. Stillwell, surveyor of the town of Gravesend. The land and the deed that he sought Amateur sex dating Camden to DeWitt C.

Littlejohn, an influential upstate Democratic leader.

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Architect J. Pickering Putnam set its nearly feet long front with its covered verandas and acres of manicured lawns facing the sea. It was considered the most elegant and fashionable hotel in the United States. It featured lavish rooms, restaurants, ballroom and shops.

When Ulysses S. Grant delivered the dedication speech for the hotel's grand opening on July 4, the event and the free fireworks show drew such huge crowds that it overwhelmed Corbin's railroad. And those who once thought that Corbin overpaid for the land changed their minds and pitied Littlejohn for selling so cheap. The foot long Manhattan Beach Hotel - 's The second resort that came into existence about the same time was William A.

Engeman's Brighton Beach, located west of Manhattan Beach.