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Marry a keighley girl and live in united kingdom

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Marry a keighley girl and live in united kingdom

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The Register Offices in the county of Yorkshire, England, hold the original records of births, marriages and deaths back to the start of civil registration in The county's Family History Societies are collaborating with the local Registration Services to make the indexes to these records freely searchable via the Internet.

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Bradford care home girl 'married' at 15

The couple were unitdd as "monsters" by their daughter who they had threatened to kill if she did not go ahead with the arrangement. The father was jailed for four-and-a-half years and the mother for three-and-a-half years at Leeds Crown Court.

None of those involved in the case can be named. More stories from Yorkshire The then year-old daughter had to be rescued from a remote village in an operation by the British High Commission involving armed police, the judge heard, The woman, who is from Leeds and is now aged 20, described in a victim impact statement how she had assumed a new identity and lived in pive of her family.

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She said: "I know I will always have to remain cautious but, knowing mqrry monsters are going to be in prison, I feel the uttermost freedom in my heart. But the parents had made extensive plans for her wedding to a first cousin. She reacted against the plan and her father hit her, with her mother's encouragement, the court heard. Her father said he would "chop her up in 18 seconds" if she continued to reject the proposed marriage, the judge was told.

When I first met her, Shanaz's hair was dyed red with a lightning streak keifhley silver-grey that swept back from her forehead - a work of art in itself. To see her is to wonder why a woman of such independence, such verve, could ever have countenanced wedlock at a time other than that of her own choosing and to a man she did not know. The only way she could explain her acquiescence was simple but, as we shall see, tragic: 'l went to Pakistan because I loved my parents.

I Cougar women in Chandler Arizona did love my partner, but Unitev did love my mother and father.

I did it for them. Ali Shezad I have not used his real name because Shanaz wants to protect his privacy was a year older than his bride-to-be but light years behind her in education, aspiration and outlook. Shanaz, even if she was brought up within the confines of a Muslim home, was of the city, a British city at that.

She is a living embodiment of all the contradictions that swirl around the lives of so many young immigrants: Asian but British; a woman but independent; a Muslim but with secular values; above all a dutiful daughter but with a sense of her own gir. Her husband-to-be had the customs and traditions of Mirpur written into his bones.

Within days of getting to Pakistan, she fell ill, losing all her hair and dropping down to five stone in weight. And still the wedding took place - the honour of the biradari apparently more important than the health of an individual.

Two weeks after the marriage, in AugustShanaz returned to Keighley. Her husband was to follow later when he was able to get a visa.

Shanaz went back to what she had always wanted - her education.