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After factoring in these issues, the death rate among black men and women was 1. For Bangladeshi and Pakistani men the risk was 1. Where face-to-face umited are absolutely necessary, we are going to give you enhanced personal protective equipment to protect yourselves. What's causing this stark difference? The raw s on coronavirus deaths in England and Wales and ethnicity are stark.

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But she agrees real-life conversations are important.

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Listen to Newsbeat live at and weekdays - or listen back here. Related Topics. You need to ffine of the differences between communities that could explain it. More people from black, Asian or minority ethnic communities live in cities where the epidemic has been worst.

But white communities are older on average, and the coronavirus hits older people harder. If you take of age differences, but not of other factors, black people are four time more likely to die with coronavirus.

If you also take of where people live, that difference falls but doesn't disappear: black people are just over twice as likely to die with coronavirus. ing for rough measures of health and wealth changes it a little, bringing the risk down to just under twice as likely. But the blackk doesn't address the impact of exposure at work or current health conditions.

But the real change came in Elizabeth I's reign, when, through the records, we can pick up ordinary, working, black people, especially in London. Shakespeare himself, a man fascinated by "the other", wrote several black parts - indeed, two of his greatest characters are black - and the fact that he put them into mainstream entertainment reflects the fact that they were a ificant element in the population of London.

Employed especially blac, domestic servants, but also as musicians, dancers Sex chats for Texas entertainers, their s ran to many hundreds, maybe even more.

And let's be clear - they were not slaves. In English law, it was not possible to be a slave in England although that principle had to be re-stated in slave trade court cases in the late 18th Century, like the "Somersett" case of In Elizabeth's reign, the black people of London were mostly free.

Historical racism may be behind england's higher bame covid rate

Some indeed, both men and women, married ma,es English people. The parish records of this time from "St Botolph's outside Aldgate", are especially revealing.

In this single small parish, we find 25 black people in the later 16th Century. They are mainly servants, but not all - one man lodging at the White Bell, next to the Bell Foundry off Whitechapel road, probably worked at the foundry.

Some were given costly, high status, Inited funerals, with bearers and fine black cloth, a mark of the esteem in which they were held by employers, neighbours and fellow workers. He was servant to be [sic] Peter Miller a beare brewer dwelling at the e of the hartes horne in the libertie of EastSmithfield.

Yeares xxvi [26]. He had the best cloth [and] iiii [4] bearers" Among later names, we find: Anne Vause - "a Black-more wife to Anthonie Vause, Trompetter" John Comequicke - "a Black-Moore so named, servant to Thomas Love a Captaine" And, the saddest in this list: Marie - "a Blackamoor woman that die in the street" Sometimes the detail in the Botolph's register is absolutely fascinating.

Infor example, Mary Fillis, a black woman of 20 years, had, for a long while, been the servant of Widow Barker in Mark Lane. She had been in England 13 or 14 years, and was the daughter of a Moorish shovel maker and basket maker.