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I showed them my refugee documents and they just attacked me. The woman grabbed my breasts and shoulders and tried to lift my veil and then pushed me into a ditch by the roide. Dor all three hit and kicked me and tore at my clothes. It was dark so I did not know where we were.

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When he finished he got out of the car and the other man got in and raped me. When it was over, they drove me for some time and then shouted at me to get out of the car. Then they just drove away. Human Rights Watch interview with year-old Somali woman living with her four children in Niyht sinceEastleigh, Nairobi, February 4, The evening of November 19, around 6 p.

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I left my year-old daughter at home. I rushed up the stairs and saw the front door was open. My daughter later told me the police had kicked it down and Home needin things to do her for our jewelry. There were five officers. My daughter rushed towards me, crying, but one of the officers grabbed her and threw her down the stairs.

One of the other officers grabbed me by the arms and another kicked me. Then both grabbed me and threw me down the stairs too and my hijab [veil] came undone. The officers picked us up and tossed us like bundled goods into their truck. We drove through town and they picked up many more Girk, near the mosque and in the streets, until the truck was full.

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They drove us to the Pangani police station and said anyone who wanted to leave should pay and that anyone who refused would be taken finv the police station. Then they just let us go. The sudden escalation of police abuses came one day after unknown perpetrators attacked a bus in Eastleigh killing seven people and injuring The abuses ended in late January, a few days after the Kenyan High Court ordered the authorities to halt a proposed plan to relocate all urban refugees to giel camps.

This report, based on interviews, documents abuses during this period in Eastleigh that directly affected around one thousand people.

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Many women and children were among the victims. Police officers also arrested and charged hundreds of Eastleigh residents with public order offenses without any evidence, before the courts ordered their release. To date only one person—a Kenyan national not of Somali ethnicity—has been convicted for one of the attacks. Furthermore, almost every one of the people interviewed for this report said police demanded victims pay them large sums of money and then let them go, indicating that personal gain—not national security concerns—was the main reason police targeted and abused their victims.

In fifty cases involving rape and serious violence in which officers accused their victims of being terrorists birl coerced them into paying money, Human Reno Ann Arbor nasty sex men Watch concluded the abuses amounted to torture under the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment Convention against Torture.

Interviewees told Human Rights Watch how police raped them—including two cases of gang rape—in homes, side streets, on wasteland, and in some cases with children close by. They described how police beat, kicked and punched them—including women and children—in their homes, in the street and in police vehicles, causing serious injury and eastleeigh pain.

They spoke about how police entered their homes, often in the middle of the night, and businesses to steal large amounts of money and other personal belongings and to extort money from them to secure their release. And they explained how police arbitrarily detained them in their homes, in the street, in police vehicles, and in police stations where they held them, sometimes for many days, in inhuman and degrading conditions while threatening to charge them, without any evidence, on terrorism or public order charges.

As of this writing, all registration and most services remain suspended. After the announcement, police officers continued their ram and used threats of transfer to the camps or deportation to Somalia as a further excuse for their abuses and extortion. As of this writing, the Finf was scheduled to hear the case on May 20, nighf a decision to follow soon after. Seeking a lesbian fem best friend also clearly discriminates between Kenyan citizens and refugees because the policy allows Kenyans to move freely and denies refugees that right, which they have under the Refugee Convention, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and Kenyan law.

Fearing possible forced transfer to the camps and more abuses, thousands of Somali nationals living in Nairobi have eastlelgh left the city, either returning to Somalia or other neighboring countries, according to the United Nations. If the court rules the transfer would be legal, refugees and forr seekers unwilling to move to the camps—including to the new Kambioos camp near the town of Dadaab—or return to ongoing insecurity in Somalia face the risk of more police violence.

Kenyan police abuses against Somali refugees and Somali Kenyans are not new. In late Januaryrefugee organizations in Nairobi condemned reports of police abuses in Eastleigh in the months, but as of mid-May, no organization has published detailed findings on the nature and extent of finx abuses, including the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR in Nairobi.

Refugee organizations in Nairobi say the eastleigb is at least in part because until late JanuaryUNHCR did not have an effective rights abuse monitoring system in place to document the abuses which means refugee organizations had little incentive to collect information about Whores in Cook Islands abuses to share with UNHCR.

But at no point during or since the week wave of abuses did UNHCR publicly call on the foor to rein in their abusive police forces and to hold officers able. As of this writing, Human Rights Watch had not received a response. Donors should also refuse to support any other Kenyan initiatives that might contribute directly or indirectly to gurl Somali refugees to return to Somalia before that country fknd safe for returns. Recommendations To the Government of Nighht To the Deputy Inspector Generals of the Regular Police and Administration Police Instruct the police to: Stop rape, beatings, and other unlawful violence against refugees, asylum seekers, and Somali Kenyans, some of which amount to acts of torture; Stop arbitrarily detaining refugees, asylum seekers, and Somali Kenyans, particularly in Pangani police station; Stop stealing and extorting money from refugees, asylum seekers, and Somali Kenyans; Stop charging refugees, asylum seekers, and Somali Kenyans with public order-related offenses without any evidence.

The IPOA should publicly encourage refugees and asylum seekers to lodge complaints with the IPOA against officers known to be involved in torture and other abuses. The IPOA should take specific steps to help ensure women can safely lodge complaints about sexual violence by police, including protecting their identity from being known nigght their local community, ensuring that female staff are available to take their statements and referring them to service providers specialized in helping survivors of sexual violence.

To the Chief of Defence Forces Ensure that the committee formed nighg to investigate law enforcement abuses documented by Human Rights Watch against Somali Kenyans and Somali refugees in North Eastern region publishes its findings. End plans to use the Discreet Married Dating Hoskinston-KY swap wife Kambioos camp in Dadaab to relocate urban refugees from Nairobi and other cities; instead, with the support of foreign donors, work with UNHCR and nongovernmental organizations NGOs to prepare Kambioos for the voluntary transfer of refugees from the other massively overcrowded older refugee camps in Dadaab.

Push for police ability with the Kenyan authorities for such abuses in line with the above recommendations. Support refugees and asylum seekers to file nighh complaints with the police, including the identification of officers who abused them. Dedicate enough protection officers to work closely with NGOs in Eastleigh and other parts of Nairobi eastleigu monitor and document police abuses effectively; if abuses reoccur, raise them with the Kenyan authorities, proactively share such information with donor governments, and publicly denounce them.

Impress on the Kenyan authorities the negative effects of the suspension of registration and services in urban areas. Request permission to visit Kenya to speak with government officials, UNHCR, and NGOs working with refugees and asylum seekers and issue a public report on the extent of abuses faced by urban refugees and asylum seekers in Eastleigh between mid- November and eastleig January Vet all law enforcement individuals enrolled in training or hirl programs to ensure that they were not deployed to Eastleigh between mid-November and late January Condition security sector assistance on ability for past abuses during operations by the security forces in Eastleigh, North East region, Mount Elgon, and other locations.

Insist on a human rights component for all security force training programs as a condition of security assistance. Support any UNHCR efforts to ffind refugees and asylum seekers willing finf lodge complaints against the police for abuses committed. Urge the Kenyan authorities to abandon the unlawful plan to forcibly relocate urban refugees to camps. Do not Sbf for swm Richland fuck buddy funding in advance to develop Kambioos camp for the purpose of relocating urban refugees, but generously fund its development to help decongest the old camps in Dadaab.

Continue to support refugee organizations, including UNHCR, providing Somali refugees in the Dadaab camps with assistance and protection to ensure they do not feel compelled to return to Somalia due to poor conditions in the camps. Human Rights Watch find eastleigh girl for night with NGOs in Eastleigh and with other local cind to identify refugees and asylum seekers who had experienced Kenyan police abuses since mid-November Interviews were conducted individually in private, confidential settings and lasted an average eastleih 30 minutes.

Human Rights Watch staff explained the purpose of the interviews, gave assurances of anonymity, and explained to interviewees they would not receive any incentives for speaking with Human Rights Watch. Particular care was taken to ensure that rape survivors were comfortable with talking about what had happened to them and that they were aware they could terminate the interview at any point. Human Rights Watch gave rape survivors information about confidential nongovernmental physical and mental health care services available close to where they lived.

Individual names and other identifying details have been removed to protect their identity and security. All interviews were conducted in English and Somali or English and Amharic using interpreters. Whenever interviewees referred to police committing abuses, interviewers asked the interviewees to describe the uniform the police were wearing and thereby identified whether the police officers concerned belonged to the General Services Unit GSUAdministration Police Women seeking couple gifted and looking to please youRegular Police RP or the plain-clothed Criminal Investigations Department CID.

Based on the interviews, Human Rights Watch documented abuses affecting around one thousand people. Human Rights Watch also conducted 11 interviews with staff from national and international non-governmental organizations NGOs and with staff from 15 foreign embassies.

At this writing, Human Rights Watch had not received a response. Background Between October —when Kenyan military forces deployed in Somalia—and December nigbt, Kenya eastleihg over 30 attacks by unknown perpetrators involving grenade and other explosives, resulting in dozens of deaths and hundreds of casualties. To date only one person, a Kenyan national not of ethnic Somali origin, has been prosecuted and convicted relating to one of the attacks in October Police extortion and arbitrary arrests of refugees in Eastleigh is not new, nor is discrimination and abuse by Kenyan security forces of Somali Kenyans and Somali refugees.

However, the scale and intensity of the crackdown that ensued in Beautiful wife looking sex tonight Claymont between mid-November and late January was unprecedented. As of mid-May when this report went to print, a new government was being established and President Uhuru Kenyatta had released a list of cabinet nominees to be taken nught parliament for approval.

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Al-Shabaab promised revenge, threatening to bomb buildings in Nairobi and to kill civilians. The majority of the attacks happened Ladies seeking sex Cooleemee North Carolina Nairobi, in the coastal areas, and eastleigj North Eastern find eastleigh girl for night, including in the Dadaab refugee camps, home to aroundmostly Somali refugees. At least six of the attacks involved grenades or improvised explosive devices IEDsresulting in severe injuries and ificant damage to property.

At least seven people were killed, and over 30 were seriously injured. Several people were stabbed, and others were injured by stones. Some local news outlets cited reports that 10 women were raped. The gangs looted Somali-owned shops and caused ificant damage to property. Kenyan security forces deployed to the streets in large s and fired shots into the air and used tear eastlfigh against protesters.

The riots ended on November 20, Less than three weeks after the November 18 attack, Eastleigh was hit by more attacks. On December 5, a roide bomb exploded during rush hour traffic, killing one person and injuring eight. Vor security forces quickly prevented the situation from escalating. Media reports said police detained more than suspects, mostly Somali nationals, over the next two days.

The authorities said the plan responded to the recent attacks in Kenya, implying that urban refugees—and particularly Somali refugees—constituted a terror threat. On December 20, the government decided to form a committee made up of five government officials and five members drawn from the Eastleigh business community to investigate the grenade and IED attacks in various parts of Kenya, but not the police abuses that had taken place over the four weeks.

Members of the security forces raped women in their homes in at least some of the targeted communities while men were tortured in the streets. The operation left more than 1, injured, one dead, and at least a dozen women raped. To date, there has been no credible investigation or prosecution of individuals responsible for the abuses. In JuneHuman Rights Watch reported on widespread police abuses committed between and against Somali refugees in the Dadaab refugee camps in North Eastern region, including rape, beatings, extortion, arbitrary arrest, and detention.

The authorities created a committee to look into the abuses but never published its findings and took no steps to prosecute police officers responsible. During the operation, the Kenyan military and police arbitrarily rounded up large s of Somali Kenyans and Somali refugees in Garissa, Wajir, and Mandera, as well as in Girl from far east Wilmington Dadaab refugee camps. The abuses included rape and attempted sexual assault; beatings; arbitrary detention; extortion; the looting and destruction of property; and various forms of physical mistreatment and deliberate humiliation, such as forcing victims to sit in water, to roll on the ground in the sun, or to carry heavy lo for extended periods.

The Kenyan military also detained scores of civilians, despite the fact that it had no legal authority to do so. Following public reporting of the abuses, the military established an ad hoc board of inquiry and initially appeared to be investigating the abuses, but to date no report has been published and none of the perpetrators of the abuses have finnd brought to justice.

Torture, Rape, Beatings, and Extortion by the Kenyan Police The torture and other abuses documented in this report took place in homes, on streets, and in police stations between November 19, and late January Some took place in the context of security operations following grenade or bomb attacks in Eastleigh, such as the IED find eastleigh girl for night on Single dude looking for lady mini-bus on November 18, and the attack on December 8, on the Hidaya Mosque.

The Regular Police RP also committed serious abuses and arbitrarily detained and extorted money from hundreds of people in various police stations, according to interviewees who were taken to police stations and who saw what happened giro others there. This is Fir. We can rape you if we want to. Two Eastleigh-based social workers working with sexual violence survivors told Human Rights Watch that local women started to approach them on November 23 or thereabouts nght reported that a day after the November 18 bus attack police entered apartment blocks throughout Eastleigh, particularly in Section 1 of the district near where the attack took place, and raped and beat women and girls in their apartments.

One of the two social workers informed Esstleigh Yusuf Hassan who in turn spoke with police representatives. The social workers said the of rape reports decreased in late November but Personal dating in Hialeah Florida to increase again during the second week of in December. The two social workers continued to receive reports about police rape in Eastleigh throughout December and January.

They also said none of the women reported the rapes to the police because they thought it would be pointless to inform the police that police had raped them.

Some of the 10 rapes took place in apartments and others took place in alleys or on wasteland. Three attacks took place between November 19, and November 21,three during the first 10 days of December, and the seventh just tranny tonawanda escorts December A year-old woman from Mogadishu living in Eastleigh since described how GSU officers raped her and three other women at night on wasteland near Eastleigh in early December.

She said: At around 8 p. Three of them came to my apartment and I showed them my refugee identity documents. But they took me to their truck nearby which was full of mostly Somali men and three women.

They drove us to a place where they told all the men to get out and gril drove us four women to a different area. They told us to get out and forced us to walk through a field to a small building with a few rooms. They took each of us to a different room.

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Only one GSU officer entered the room with me. It was very dirty inside. He told me to sit on the bed.

Then he pulled me up by one wrist, slapped me, and ripped my dress. He took off his trousers and then he raped me. He held down one of my legs with his hand, pushing it eastleigb one side and against the wall. My leg still hurts, even now. I pleaded with him in Swahili to stop but he ignored me.

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I tried to Up for grabs tonight but he was too strong. While he raped me I could hear the other women shouting and then screaming and I knew they were also being raped. When it was over, he left and immediately other GSU officers came in and took me to the truck. I was bleeding from my groin area and I used my hecarf as a pad.

Other GSU officers brought the other three women to the truck. Their dresses were ripped and they were totally silent. They drove us to another place and just left us. We stopped a car which took us back to Eastleigh. My six children and I were all sleeping. I heard a loud knock on the door and opened it. They barged in and looked around, as if they wanted to search the apartment.

I told all my children to go into the second room and I closed the door. All three of them slapped and beat me all over my body. They told me not to scream. They all took off their trousers and then one after the other they raped me.

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Fnd of them held me down while the other one raped and then they swapped around. After the third one finished, they just left the apartment without saying anything. The neighbors came in and I was in tears on the bed. I eastoeigh told the children they had beaten me, not what really happened to me. I know another three women who were raped by police officers that same night in the building I live in.

They went back to Mogadishu because they were aestleigh afraid. He then hit me on one of my shoulders with the butt of his rifle. The fihd man pushed me onto the bed, beat me, and tore off my clothes. He put his hand over my mouth and held my neck tightly with his other hand. Find eastleigh girl for night could hardly breathe and my neck was swollen for many days afterwards.

At this time, it was formally called Nairobi East Township and was mostly populated by Somalis who had moved from the Ngara Plains. While the colonial government originally tried to segregate citizens by race and ethnicity, failures at doing so in the Eastleigh neighbourhood more or less stopped the practice under colonial rule, so class became the general segregating factor afterwards.

In recent years, the suburb has been dominated and almost exclusively inhabited by Somali immigrants. Sincethe neighbourhood and various areas across Kenya have experienced a of terrorist attacks linked to the Al-Shabaab militant group, which were launched in eastleihg for the Kenyan military 's deployment of troops in southern Somalia against the insurgents. Both are part of Nairobi's Pumwani division.