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London, after hattersea lapse of centuries, has been compared to an old ship that has been repaired and rebuilt battersea ab escorts not one of batterssea original timbers can be found; so marvellous are the changes and transmutations which have come over the "town upon the lake" or, harbour for ships as London was anciently called, that if a Celt, or a Roman, or a Saxon, or a Dane, or a Norman, or a Citizen of Queen Elizabeth's time were to awake from his long slumber of death, he would no more know where he was, and would be as strangely puzzled as an Englishman of the present generation would be, who had never stirred further than the radius of nattersea Metropolis, supposing him to be conveyed by some supernatural agency one night to China, who, Dating canada rising the next morning finds himself surrounded by the street-scenery of the city of Pekin.

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Costumes, manners, language, inhabitants have all changed! Viewed from a geological stand-point, even the soil on which New London stands is not the same as that on which Old London stood. The level of the site of the ancient city was much lower than at present, for there are found indications of Roman highways, and floors of houses, twenty feet below the existing pathways. There are probable grounds for supposing the Surrey side to have been some nineteen hundred years ago a great expanse of water.

The name of battersea ab escorts nation as appears from Baxter's British Glossary, was derived from the three following British words, tri, nou, bant, which ify the 'inhabitants of the new city. The Celts the ancestors of the Britons and modern Welsh were the first inhabitants of Britain. The earliest records of the history of this island are the manuscripts and the poetry of the Cambrians.

Britain was called by the Romans Britannia from its Celtic name Prydhain. We need not tarry to discuss whether Londinium originally was in Cantium or Kent the place fixed by Ptolemy and some other ancient writers of good authority, or whether its original place were Middlesex, or whether situated both north and south of the Tamesis Thames. But before reducing the Trinobantes who had the Thames for their southern boundary, it is the opinion of some antiquarians that the Romans probably had a station to secure their conquests on the Surrey side, and the spot fixed upon for the station is St.

George's in the Fields a large plot of ground situated between Lambeth and Southwark, where many Roman coins, bricks, chequered pavements and other fragments of antiquity have been found. Three Roman ways from Kent, Surrey and Middlesex intersected each other in this place. It is thought that after the Normans reduced the Trinobantes the place became neglected and that they afterwards settled on the other side of the Thames and the name battersea ab escorts transferred to the New City.

The author of a work entitled "London in Ancient and Modern times. He should imagine the Counties of Kent and Essex, now divided by the Thames, partially overflowed in the vicinity of the river by an arm of the sea, so that a broad estuary comes up as far as Greenwich, and the waters spread on both sides washing the foot of the Kentish uplands to the south, and finding Seeking texting buddies in Sioux Falls South Dakota boundary to the north in the gently rising ground of Essex.

The mouth of the river, properly speaking was situated three or four miles from where London Bridge now stands.

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Instead of being confined between banks as at present, the river [Pg vi] overflowed extensive marshes, batrersea lay both right and left beyond London. Sailing up the broad stream, the voyager would find the waters spreading far on either side of xb, as he reached the spots now known as Chelsea and Battersea—a fact of which the record is preserved in their very names. A tract of land rises on the north side of the river. It is bounded to the west by a range of country, subject to inundations, consisting of beds of rushes Horny women in Lake Shore (Jacksonville), FL osiers and boggy grounds and impenetrable thickets, intersected by streams.

It is bounded to the north by a large dense forest, rising on the edge of a waste fen or lake, covering the whole district now called Finsbury and stretching away for miles batetrsea.

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This tract of land, rising in a broad knoll, formed the site of London. An old writer says "it is now certain that the spot, viz. George's in the Fields on which the city was described to have stood, was an escogts marsh or lake, reaching as far as Camberwell hills, until by drains and embankments, the Romans recovered all the lowlands about the parts now called St.

George's Fields, Lambeth etc.

London never stood on any other spot than the Peninsular, on the northern banks, formed by the Thames in front; by the river Fleet on the west; and by the stream afterwards named Walbrook on the East. An immense forest originally extended to the river side, and, even as late as the reign of Henry II. It was defended naturally by fosses, one formed by the creek which ran along the Fleet ditch, the battdrsea by that of Walbrook.

The south side was protected by the river Thames, and esvorts north by the adjacent forest. At a later date London appears to have been Colonia under the name Augusta Amm.

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It has received at qb times thirteen different names, but most of them having some similarity to the present one. However as it is not a history of England's Metropolis but All about Battersea [2] we write, we will at once commence at Nine Elms. None of them cultivated the ground; they all lived by raising cattle and hunting.

battersea ab escorts Their dress consisted of skins, their habitations were huts of wicker-work covered with rushes. Their Priests ecorts Druids together with the sacred women, exercised a kind of authority over them. This esclrts is, perhaps derived from the old word brit, partly coloured, it having been customary with the inhabitants to paint their bodies.

According to the testimony of Pliny and Aristotle, the Island in remotest times bore the name of Albion. England and Scotland however had separate Parliaments till 1st of Maywhen during the reign of Queen Anne the Island was deated by the name of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. The terms at first excited the utmost dissatisfaction; but the progress of time has shown it to be the greatest blessing that either nation could have experienced.

Peter of Westminster holds Patricesy, Earl Harold held it; and it was then assessed at 72 hides: now at 18 hides. There is in Southwark one bordar belonging to the Manor paying twelve pence. A villian having ten swine pays to the Lord one; but if he has a smallernothing. One knight holds four hides of this land and the money he pays is Love in thundersley in the preceding estimate.

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The Earl of Moreton holds one and a half hides of land, which in King Edward's time and afterwards belonged to this Manor. Gilbert the Priest holds three hides under the same circumstances.

The Bishop of Lisieux had two hides of batterseq the Church of Westminster was seized in the time of William and disseised by the Bishop of Bayeaux. The Abbot of Chertsey holds one hide which the Bailiff of this will, out of ill-will to the Abbot of Westminster detached from this Manor, and appropriated it to Chertsey. Villian, or Villein, in our ancient customs, denotes a man of Servile or base condition, viz, a bond-man or servant.

Villanus, from Villa, a farm, a feudal tenant of the lowest class. Forty years ago, Londoners wending their way to Battersea fields regarded themselves in the country away from the smoke of town where they could rusticate at pleasure as soon as they entered Nine Elms Lane on their pedestrian excursions. Here battresea hedgerows, and green lanes, and market gardens, and orchards, meadows, and fields of waving corn, where reapers might have been seen in harvest-time reaping and binding sheaves of golden grain.

Dikes and ditches had to be crossed.

On the site where now stands the wharf of John Bryan and Co. By the side of the Coal Wharf is the Causeway where watermen used to ply for hire in order to ferry people across the river. Steel has given us a lively description of a boat trip from Richmond on an early summer morning when he fell in "with a fleet of gardeners Nothing remarkable happened in our voyage, but I landed with ten sail of Apricot boats at Strand bridge after having put up at Nine Elms to take in melons.

On the spot where Southampton Streets are, stood in olden time a large mansion surrounded by extensive grounds, said to have been inhabited by the King's Champion. The Champion of the King, campio regis is an ancient officer, whose office is, at the coronation of our Kings, when the King is at dinner [Pg 4] to ride armed cap a pie, into Westminster Hall, and by the proclamation of an herald make a challenge "that if any man shall deny the King's title to the crown, he is there ready to defend it in single combat, etc.

Pearson constructed the sewer, and Mr.

Benjamin Butcher was Clerk of bbattersea Works. On the north side of Nine Elms Lane, nearly opposite the place where the "Southampton Arms" Tavern is situated was a windmill.

When the ground was opened for the purpose of drainage some old tanks were discovered in which the hides were soaked containing remains of lime and hair. In the rear of the Brewery there was a Hop Garden where that bitter plant much used for brewing was cultivated. The only regular vehicle that passed through Nine Elms Lane was the carrier's cart—the few inhabitants of the place used to "turn out" to see it pass—a marked contrast to the present hurried battersea ab escorts incessant traffic!

Facing the Railway Terminus were two Steamboat Piers for landing and taking up passengers. At race times the excitement between the rival steamboat companies was intense—"touters," men hired expressly by each of these companies to induce passengers to go down their respective piers, Looking for no strings attached fun at times so exasperated with each other that they fell to blows, a sight which the baser sort of the crowds assembled on such occasions enjoyed to their hearts' content.

Many things have been said by way of disparagement of Battersea and not at all reflecting credit on certain localities within the parish. Battersea has been called "the Sink Hole of Surrey. Paul's Cathedral and Westminster Abbey, our Houses of Parliament and Mansions of the Nobility and Aristocracy, squalor and crime, vice and grandeur walk side by side, and oftentimes hand in hand.

The London and Southampton Railway as it was first called was opened on the 11th of May,which, in connexion with the opposite wharf and warehouses on the banks of the river, at that time occupied an extent of between seven and eight acres.

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The railroad was commenced under battersea ab escorts authority of an Act of Parliament which received the Royal assent on the 5th of July, it was opened as far as Woking Common on the 21st of May, Since that time several additional Acts have been passed authorizing the Company to extend their line and increase their capital. Wood was the Company's first Locomotive Superintendent. When the London and Southampton line Lady looking sex Copake Falls first opened all the workmen in the Company's service had a half holiday and one shilling each given to them.

The Richmond Railway—this though an offshoot of the South Western, and worked by that Company, was executed by a private one. It was however sold to the South Western Company in October, It had been opened on the 27th of July. of miles open The railroad intersects Battersea parish to the extent of two miles and a half. The Goods Department comprises the hydraulic shed, down goods shed, carriers' shed, egg shed, the old warehouse and granary by the riverside; down office, Wandsworth Road Gate; cartage office, Nine Elms Lane.

Officers Date for you Pinos altos New Mexico the Company. Adams, Esq. Haddow, Esq. Mills, Waterloo; Superintendent, R. Ming, Esq. Hall, Esq. Terrill, Cashier; Mr. Stratton, Storekeeper, Nine Elms Works. Soon after the opening of the London and Southampton Railway a collision between two passenger trains occurred at the Nine Elms Terminus resulting in the death of a young woman, a domestic servant, who, with a fellow servant, had been spending the day at Hampton Court.

Omnia qua movent ad mortem sunt deodanda: What moves to death, or kills him dead, Is deodand, and forfeited. Huge blocks of stone direct from the quarries are here deposited and piled block upon block. A single block in some [Pg 6] instances weighing ten tons elevated and removed by means of a steam traveller moving on a gantry.

When the workmen were engaged in "digging out" the ground for the foundation of the goods sheds a human skeleton was discovered, on which Mr. Carter coroner held an inquest.

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Statham, who made the post mortem examination, stated that the skeleton was that of a male person, that there were three severe cuts upon the head either of which was sufficient to cause death. As no further evidence was procurable a verdict was given in accordance. About forty years ago, when Mr.